I just bought an LG SMART Blu ray DVD player and trying to get it to communicate with my wireless router...Netgear. Do I need an adapter? I can't get it to work....

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When hooking up an internet enabled blu ray player to your home internet, it is important to note if the blu ray player has an internal wifi adapter or if it will need to physically be connected via the ethernet port.

If the player is not connecting to your home internet, a good idea is to try and connecting the ethernet cable from your router directly to the player itself.

If you're positive that the blu ray player is wifi ready, then make sure that your router has a strong signal and you're inputting the correct password into the blu ray player.

Some other helpful troubleshooting tips;

-Make sure other wifi enabled devices are connecting to the internet. If they also are having trouble, then the problem may be with your router and not the blu ray player itself.

-Open the network settings on the blu ray player and then choose the 'wireless' option. The blu ray player will scan for wireless networks in range. If your network is an option, select it. You will then need to enter your password to gain access.

-If you're still having trouble, you should manually configure your settings. Some routers are not equipped to handle a dynamic IP setup (DHCP) and therefore, you will need to select Static IP. You will have to input the subnet mask, IP address, DNS server, and gateway information. Don't worry, the IP address, DNS server, and gateway are all the same number and can be found on a label usually on the outside of your router. For the subnet mask enter the number, ''.

-If nothing seems to work, check your router and make sure that you don't have a firewall enabled that is blocking the signal from your blu ray player.

-When in doubt, try rebooting. This is pretty much a solution for many problems. Also make sure the router is up and running before turning the blu ray player on, as this can sometimes cause network issues.

-In rare cases, your internet service provider may have a limit on the number of wifi devices you can connect to your LAN. It's a good idea to also check with your provider and see if that could be a cause of your problem.

If all else fails, contact LG. On their website, http://www.lg.com/us/support/product-help, you can email, live chat, or find phone numbers to speak with someone about your problem. Good luck.

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