Wonder Woman Review, Best Female Superhero Movie Ever?

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Wonder Woman Review

The origin story of one of DC comics most famous heroines follows the tail of a young woman Princess Dianna played by Gal Gadot, who has extraordinary powers. When by chance a strange man Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine washes up on the shores of Dianna’s secret female only island, with tales of a terrible world war raging in the outside world; Wonder Woman feels compelled to help, but knowing leaving her family means she may never return to the island. Together Princess Dianna and Steve venture through First World War France in an action fuelled quest to stop the war in its tracks; a Journey where both learn a great deal about each other, love and sacrifice.

The Best Female Superhero Movie Ever?

Wonder Woman has so much more than a typical superhero movie, definitely enough to attract cinema goers who typically would not enjoy a “typical” superhero movie. With intriguing story development, interesting characters and action where needed not just for the sake of it. There are many reason Wonder Woman is a complete movie, but a shining star in the form Gal Gadot makes it a true great.

A bold statement for sure but Wonder Woman and more importantly Gal Gadot delivers. The most successful superhero movies especially those from Marvel have a winning formula of action, humour and good clear storyline; Wonder Woman has this in abundance, with Dianna’s none understanding of the then modern world and technology, being cause for many a laugh out loud moment. Gal Gadot delivers an excellent performance here in showing the many sides of a Superhero. Sure Dianna has superpowers, is brave and fearless and inspires those around her, but here Gal’s acting reminds the viewers she is a person with feelings and vulnerabilities just like the rest of us. Being relatable on this level is very unique for a superhero movie but what it really delivers is inspiration that we can all be heroes and we don’t necessary need Wonder Woman’s powers to do so.

Wonder Woman’s Cast is vital too and here Gal Gadot shines along with Chris Pine playing the spy Steve Trevor. As on-screen chemistry goes, they have this home and dry. It may seem obvious that two good looking lead actors would have good chemistry, but it does go deeper than looks and their on screen personalities shine through. We see a raw side of a superhero, with no masks or armour to hide behind, a great metaphor showing for us all that sometimes we don’t need a brave face even when times get tough, we just need to be ourselves.

There is plenty in the movie to please almost every cinema goer, and even those who might not appreciate the genre will appreciate the fine on-screen acting of Gal Gadot. The film has been one of the most successful financially of 2017 and has won praise from all corners of the film industry. Still available in cinemas why not see what all the fuss is about, strap in for the emotional action packed adrenaline fuelled rollercoaster that is, Wonder Woman.

Hope you enjoyed my Wonder Woman Review, more to come.

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